A little history and a lot of love

BAKERS® began way back in 1851 when Edward Baker set up a family flour business. The company ran for 71 years until in 1922 it added a nutritionally balanced animal food to its product list. Fast forward to 1991 and we launched BAKERS Complete, because he believed that dry dog food should be every bit as tasty as it is healthy.

Since 1991 BAKERS has continued to innovate, introducing dog products such as Weight Control, specially formulated to help control a dog’s weight, Meaty Meals which is a convenient alternative to wet food, and also food tailored especially for smaller dogs. Behind everything we do lies our deep desire to help dogs live the healthiest possible lives. Because we believe that happy, healthy dogs are wonderful. They light up a room and make everyone feel warm inside. How do we know this? Because we’re dog lovers too, in fact lots of us are dog owners. If we haven’t already brought them to work with us, we love nothing better than to go home to them at the end of the day.