Additives: colourings, are they harmful to my dog?

We recognise that there have been stories in the media and online linking artificial colourings in dog food to health and behavioural issues in dogs. At BAKERS®, we love dogs and many of us have our own dogs too, so naturally we want to make food that helps keep dogs healthy and happy. That’s why the colourings we use in BAKERS are strictly regulated. They are also rigorously reviewed in line with strict EU law to ensure their safety. Additionally, our own experts have not found any peer-reviewed scientific evidence currently available that establishes a link between the colourings we use and health issues or behavioural problems in dogs.

If you have concerns for your dog’s health the first thing to do is seek veterinary advice. There are a number of reasons why your dog might become unwell so it’s always best to get him checked out. There are also many different factors associated with behaviour problems and these will be very specific to the dog, his environment, and the dog’s experiences both now and earlier in their life.

All too often, the dog’s diet is assumed to be the main trigger for any undesirable changes in behaviour, however it’s rarely the case that a diet alone could cause this. Again, if you’re at all concerned, your vet should be able to recommend a reputable behaviourist.