Additives: why we use them?

We use additives because they are necessary to ensure that BAKERS® is complete and balanced as well as safe for your dog. The nutritional additives we use are vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. They support many vital functions in the body. Vitamins include Vitamin A which helps support vision and Vitamin D which helps support strong bones. Trace elements include iron, which helps support healthy blood, and zinc, which helps support a dog’s healthy immune system.

We also add certain essential amino acids that dogs can’t make for themselves and which must come from their diet. Amino acids are essential for tissue construction and repair, especially in muscles, bones, coat and skin.

Functional (known as ‘technological) additives are preservatives and antioxidants and these are important in maintaining good quality, safe and tasty BAKERS. Preservatives work by helping to prevent the fats in food combining with air and turning the food bad. Antioxidants, such as vitamin C (E300), vitamin E (E700) and selenium (E8), are added to our pet food to help support good health and neutralise free radicals which are naturally produced in the body.

We also use ‘sensory additives’ such as colourings to give the food a more appetising appearance. In the production process, pet food can lose colour and so we add artificial colours to ensure BAKERS looks as delicious as it tastes. It’s all part of our commitment to product quality.