Could BAKERS® make my dog overweight?

Not if you feed your dog according to our daily feeding guide on the side of every pack, and your dog gets an appropriate amount of exercise every day. Dog obesity is a serious problem in the UK and overfeeding and lack of exercise are common causes. That’s why we design our dog foods to provide all the healthy nourishment your dog needs, and because it’s complete and balanced your dog shouldn’t require anything extra.

We all like to give our dogs a little treat from time to time but when you do remember to cut down the main meal by an equivalent amount to avoid over-feeding. Just like for us there are health implications if a dog is overweight. Dogs that are healthy may live up to two years longer and enjoy a more active life than overweight dogs.

When it comes to controlling a dog’s weight, the correct amount of food also goes hand in hand with the correct amount of exercise. As well as helping your dog control its weight, exercise improves its stamina, builds energy and helps maintain cardiovascular health. Exercise is of course a great way for you and your dog to spend quality time together and strengthen the bond between you.