Fat: why dogs need it and why we use it

Fat is an essential part of a healthy balanced diet and dogs need it in the same way humans do. It is an important source of energy and provides 2 times the energy of protein or carbohydrate. Fats are also a source of essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are important to help maintain overall health, good skin, a glossy coat, healthy joints, and a healthy immune system. Fats also act as a carrier for fat-soluble vitamins such as A,D,E and K. Without fats a dog would not be able to absorb these vitamins. The fat quantity in BAKERS® is calculated by a nutritionist and our feeding guidelines will vary according to a dog’s size and age so that it’s just right.

Fats also improve the taste and digestibility of food ensuring your dog really enjoys his food. In doing so he’s not only enjoying dinnertime he’s also absorbing all the nutrients he needs to help keep him strong and healthy.