The quality of our products

At Bakers, we love making nutritious, high-quality products for dogs that help them live longer, healthier lives. Since we’re dog owners ourselves, we understand the responsibility owners feel to help keep their dogs happy and healthy. It’s why we employ our own teams of pet nutritionists, scientists and veterinarians to formulate our products.

Bakers is a part of Nestlé Purina which has over 350 scientists worldwide working actively to advance pet nutrition and setting the standard for product quality in our manufacturing facilities across the world. Purina also has a series of standards, specifications and processes in place to make sure all Purina products are safe, high in quality and consistent in their properties. These standards frequently go above and beyond the requirements of official pet food industry bodies. The reason? Well, we just believe it’s the right thing to do.

Supplementing the highest-quality manufacturing processes with the latest technology helps us further improve the nutritional quality of our foods. It also helps us track our ingredients from the moment they arrive at the factory through to their inclusion in finished products and on to customers.

Being a big company enables us to draw on expertise within the company worldwide. Our quality assurance staff control quality very closely, and because we make products at our own factories we can keep a close eye on the manufacturing process. And ensure that every dog owner is completely happy they are feeding the healthy and delicious Bakers food their dog loves.