Why we say ‘4% beef’

We say 4% because this declaration is a legal labelling requirement, but in fact the total percentage of meat and animal derivatives in our chunks is actually much higher. In the case of BAKERS® Adult with Tasty Beef and Country Vegetables, it’s at least 15% (equivalent to 30% rehydrated meat and animal derivatives). This 30% includes the minimum 4% of the ingredient highlighted on the label, for example beef, with the remaining 26% potentially being sourced from a variety of animals, such as additional beef, chicken, lamb or duck. So when you read 4% beef on our pack, it represents the minimum amount of beef that’s inside.

Similarly, recipes such as ‘with lamb’, or ‘with chicken’ will each contain a minimum 4% lamb or 4% chicken for the same reason as a ‘with beef’ recipe.

To list the exact percentages on our packs would mean reprinting them each time we adjust ingredients to cope with seasonal fluctuations in supply. Unfortunately this would mean you’d pay more for your box of BAKERS.